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I remember as if it was yesterday. It started with the arriving of British solders in Boston to restore order in the cities. Many people thought they had come to silence the critics of the British and its supporters, because of this name calling and fights between the British troops and the colonists, would happen so often that it had become a common part of our life. On March 5th, 1770 a colonist and a British soldier started fighting, people all over Boston came to see the fight and suddenly the crowd started throwing snowballs at the guard and they also started calling him names. Then a small troop of British soldiers came out of nowhere. The mob started growing angrier and louder by the minute. The British soldiers then suddenly started firing at our unarmed colonists. Many people started using this event as way to make British people look bad. John Adams a lawyer then helped defend the soldiers at trial and he won his case. The trial calmed many colonists down but some were still angry at the British. Now I remember it as the Boston Massacre. After the Boston Massacre I hated the British for life.


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