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Goodbye Middle-Earth

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After the Great Ring was destroyed many elves left Middle-Earth. This poem talks about the last elven ship to leave Middle-Earth. The poem starts of by describing the moment, and then it starts describing a witness to this event called Firiel. The poems descriptions of Firiel almost as a princess, and call her an Earth-maiden. Afterwards the poem describes the people on the ship and the ship. It describes the ship as having a beak and oars made of gold and have timber of the color of white. It describes the elves on the ship as people in grey with three of them looking kingly. The elves in the boat then start singing about going home back to the land they came from and asking the elf Firiel to come. Firiel says no because she says that she is and Earth-maiden and is the Earth’s daughter. The poem ends with the telling of that no more ships sailed westward after this ship sailed. I can’t really tell if there is a theme to this poem. Some of the poetic devices he sues are rhyme schemes, onomatopoeia, and imagery. The rhyme scheme is pretty easy to identify, the rhyme scheme is that every line rhymes with the lines two lines before or after it. This rhyme scheme makes the poem feel almost like a story but with rhythm. There are many examples of onomatopoeia one, for example in stanza 7 it describes the white gulls crying. There are even more examples of imagery one example can be found in stanza 2 in line 12. In this line it describes how the grey dew looked, it says the dew had a glimmering sort of look. The use of onomatopoeia and imagery on this poem gives a better idea of the scene looked and how the scene felt. The lines which really appeal to me are the last four lines of the poem because they give a sense of finality, to the race of the elves where they will be never remembered and never come again.