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Goodbye Middle-Earth

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After the Great Ring was destroyed many elves left Middle-Earth. This poem talks about the last elven ship to leave Middle-Earth. The poem starts of by describing the moment, and then it starts describing a witness to this event called Firiel. The poems descriptions of Firiel almost as a princess, and call her an Earth-maiden. Afterwards the poem describes the people on the ship and the ship. It describes the ship as having a beak and oars made of gold and have timber of the color of white. It describes the elves on the ship as people in grey with three of them looking kingly. The elves in the boat then start singing about going home back to the land they came from and asking the elf Firiel to come. Firiel says no because she says that she is and Earth-maiden and is the Earth’s daughter. The poem ends with the telling of that no more ships sailed westward after this ship sailed. I can’t really tell if there is a theme to this poem. Some of the poetic devices he sues are rhyme schemes, onomatopoeia, and imagery. The rhyme scheme is pretty easy to identify, the rhyme scheme is that every line rhymes with the lines two lines before or after it. This rhyme scheme makes the poem feel almost like a story but with rhythm. There are many examples of onomatopoeia one, for example in stanza 7 it describes the white gulls crying. There are even more examples of imagery one example can be found in stanza 2 in line 12. In this line it describes how the grey dew looked, it says the dew had a glimmering sort of look. The use of onomatopoeia and imagery on this poem gives a better idea of the scene looked and how the scene felt. The lines which really appeal to me are the last four lines of the poem because they give a sense of finality, to the race of the elves where they will be never remembered and never come again.



The Journey Begins

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Book: The Fellowship of the Ring

Rating: Five stars

The first book of the well known trilogy Lord of The Rings is called the Fellowship of the Ring, written by J.R.R. Tolkien. This is the sequel to the famous book called The Hobbit. The story is about how it has been 60 years since Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, had taken the Ring from Gollum. This ring turns out to be the one master ring which the Dark Lord Sauron, who thought once defeated, has come from the ashes once again to take back the ring. The story continues with Bilbo’s cousin Frodo gets possession of the Ring. Frodo then sets out to destroy the one powerful Ring. As his journey continues he gains help from friends who want to help him in destroying the Ring. In the end he joins himself with nine companions, who represent the different races of Middle Earth, who journey out to the land of Mordor to destroy it once and for all. I liked the first book of the trilogy because I like fantasy stories that are centered upon a quest. Another reason I think the book is good because it uses many different races to move the plot on for example: Men, hobbits, Elves and Dwarves. Also his descriptions of the setting and characters set a clear image of the time, place and people. There some small things that were annoying for example the many long songs in it that don’t make sense, but still all that is good in the book makes up for the problems. I would recommend this book for kids who are thirteen and above. People whop like adventure and fantasy. In conclusion of this review I give this book a rating of five stars.


Book against Movie

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The similarities in the book and the movie are that the book and the movie are they both have some events were the same, for example the meetings in the Boston Observer. Another event was the final meeting of the Sons of Liberty. A few other key events were Johnny going to court, and his clame of kinship to Mr. Lyte. Other things that were similar were the key characters from the story: Johnny, Rab, Cilla, Mr. and Mrs. Lapham, Paul Revere, Mr. Lorne. The dress of that time and also the speech at that time were also the same as described in the book.


There were many major differences between the movie and the book.. One difference was that the character of Johnny. Johnny in the beginning of the book was a very proud person who was proud to be a silversmith and looked upon others as inferiors to him, but in the movie he looked and sounded as if he was a normal and sensible boy who all he really wanted to do was be a good silversmith and wasn’t prideful at all. Another difference was that some major characters were missing some of them were: the other two Lapham apprentices, Isannah, Madge, and Dorcas, Lieutenant Stranger, and John Adams. Another key difference was how the events happened for example the way Johnny burned his hand and another one was that Johnny saw Rab at Lexington before Rab got shot. Another thing was that in the book Cilla worked for the lady Lavinia Lyte, but in the book she worked at the Afric Queen., These differences were made I think because the book was too long too be put into a film.


The True Reality

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Go home. Sleep, an wake up early in the mornming the next day. Take the computer until 12 and download stuff whikle playing game. Start studying for nothing.

My Dream Vacation

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My Dream Vacation would be to tour Europe. I would go to different countries: Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, England, and Viking countries. I would like to travel on the Ero trail and see snow.

Rab Silsbee

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I am enigmatic and well-reserved

I wonder when I can go target practicing

I hear the oozing of British blood

I see King George III twisting on the floor for our troubles

I want to have my own musket

I am enigmatic and well-reserved

I enjoy dancing and fighting

I feel as if my best days in my life have just begun

I believe that the British should leave us alone

I worry that I shall never ever fire my musket

I cry for nothing

I am enigmatic and well-reserved

I understand that I might die early but who cares

I say we kick those darn redcoats out of the colonies by force

I dream to see the end of the war

I try to do what I can for the future

I hope the spirits of men like me will win us our battle

I am enigmatic and well-reserved

Was it Worth It?

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In the movie ‘The Patriot’ the character that played as Benjamin Martin, Mel Gibson, had lost many things in the process of the war but also had been rewarded for his losses as well. First of all he lost his second-oldest son Thomas, who was killed by the British officer Colonel William Tavington. At the same time his house got burned down because he was a colonist. In a way this was gain as well because the killing of his son and the burning of his house brought the fact that if he wanted to protect his family he had to fight. Another loss for him was when his daughter-in-law got burned in a church by the same British Colonel. After losing his daughter-in-law his oldest son, Gabriel, got killed trying to take revenge for his wife’s death. The killer of Gabriel was Col. William Tavington the same person who had done past bad things. Through the movie he also lost many of his patriot friends from the South Carolina militia, to the attacks of Colonel William Tavington’s army. One major gain for him was that he was able to take revenge on Colonel William Tavington for killing his sons and daughter-in-law and also for the killing of his friends. Another major achievement for him was that he was able to win the American Revolution so other families in the future would not have to live under the rule of a tyrant for the rest of their life. To me it looks like that his gains outweighed his losses by just a bit. The reason is because he was able to take revenge on the Colonel for all the losses he attained, and he was also was able to make sure that other families would not have not have to go through the same hardships he had to got through during the American Revolution.