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Was it Worth It?

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In the movie ‘The Patriot’ the character that played as Benjamin Martin, Mel Gibson, had lost many things in the process of the war but also had been rewarded for his losses as well. First of all he lost his second-oldest son Thomas, who was killed by the British officer Colonel William Tavington. At the same time his house got burned down because he was a colonist. In a way this was gain as well because the killing of his son and the burning of his house brought the fact that if he wanted to protect his family he had to fight. Another loss for him was when his daughter-in-law got burned in a church by the same British Colonel. After losing his daughter-in-law his oldest son, Gabriel, got killed trying to take revenge for his wife’s death. The killer of Gabriel was Col. William Tavington the same person who had done past bad things. Through the movie he also lost many of his patriot friends from the South Carolina militia, to the attacks of Colonel William Tavington’s army. One major gain for him was that he was able to take revenge on Colonel William Tavington for killing his sons and daughter-in-law and also for the killing of his friends. Another major achievement for him was that he was able to win the American Revolution so other families in the future would not have to live under the rule of a tyrant for the rest of their life. To me it looks like that his gains outweighed his losses by just a bit. The reason is because he was able to take revenge on the Colonel for all the losses he attained, and he was also was able to make sure that other families would not have not have to go through the same hardships he had to got through during the American Revolution.


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What I believe is that the Patriots could not have won the war without the help of foreign allies. After the battle of Saratoga in October 17, 1777 Foreigners were more willing to help the Americans because the Americans had better chance of winning the war. If the Spanish had not sent Bernado de Galvez to help the Americans in the West the Americans would have lost. Bernado de Galvez started attacking key British forts near the Mississippi river and Florida, giving the British a small chance of attacking the American colonies from the West or the South. The Americans were running low on supplies during the American Revolution, but during the times of low supply the French and Spanish were secretly helping the colonies. For example, Marquis de Lafayette gave around $200,000 of his own money to support the Revolution. Lafayette also fought with the American side by side during the Revolution even though he lacked military skills and didn’t know much English. Later in May 1778 the congress approved an alliance with France and so the Colonies got a higher chance of getting more supplies form France. Other individuals whose countries had nothing to do with the war even came to help. Two polish officers came to help the Americans Tadeusz Kosciuszko, taught basic engineering skills and Kazimierz Polaski taught cavalry units. Another Prussian officer helped train the Continental Army of militias to a well-trained group of soldiers. Another Scottish man named John Paul Jones helped the Americans at Sea by destroying key British ships. The French man Comte de Rochambeau brought a small army with him to help Washington fight the British. Another French officer Comte de Grasse brought a French fleet to blockade Chesapeake Bay. Without these important foreign officers the colonists wouldn’t know basic military skills giving them a slim chance of winning.