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Book against Movie

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The similarities in the book and the movie are that the book and the movie are they both have some events were the same, for example the meetings in the Boston Observer. Another event was the final meeting of the Sons of Liberty. A few other key events were Johnny going to court, and his clame of kinship to Mr. Lyte. Other things that were similar were the key characters from the story: Johnny, Rab, Cilla, Mr. and Mrs. Lapham, Paul Revere, Mr. Lorne. The dress of that time and also the speech at that time were also the same as described in the book.


There were many major differences between the movie and the book.. One difference was that the character of Johnny. Johnny in the beginning of the book was a very proud person who was proud to be a silversmith and looked upon others as inferiors to him, but in the movie he looked and sounded as if he was a normal and sensible boy who all he really wanted to do was be a good silversmith and wasn’t prideful at all. Another difference was that some major characters were missing some of them were: the other two Lapham apprentices, Isannah, Madge, and Dorcas, Lieutenant Stranger, and John Adams. Another key difference was how the events happened for example the way Johnny burned his hand and another one was that Johnny saw Rab at Lexington before Rab got shot. Another thing was that in the book Cilla worked for the lady Lavinia Lyte, but in the book she worked at the Afric Queen., These differences were made I think because the book was too long too be put into a film.



Rab Silsbee

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I am enigmatic and well-reserved

I wonder when I can go target practicing

I hear the oozing of British blood

I see King George III twisting on the floor for our troubles

I want to have my own musket

I am enigmatic and well-reserved

I enjoy dancing and fighting

I feel as if my best days in my life have just begun

I believe that the British should leave us alone

I worry that I shall never ever fire my musket

I cry for nothing

I am enigmatic and well-reserved

I understand that I might die early but who cares

I say we kick those darn redcoats out of the colonies by force

I dream to see the end of the war

I try to do what I can for the future

I hope the spirits of men like me will win us our battle

I am enigmatic and well-reserved

The Observer: Advice Column

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Observer: Advice Wanted

Dear Dr. Warren,

I’ve had a problem for a few days. My hand has now become a cripple. While I was working trying to melt silver, I burnt my hand on the furnace and got liquid silver all over my hand. We got a midwife to help get a cure for my injury. The midwife put my hand was in a poultice and when she later took of the poultice we found out that my right hand’s thumb and palm were now one. Before the burn I used to be one of most revered silversmith apprentice in Boston but now I have one of the most degraded and pitied person in Boston. I have become from being an almost master silversmith to a house maid cleaning the house and having to here insults about me by Mrs. Lapham, my master’s daughter-in-law, and now I’m also I’m thought of as some weird devil because of my hand. Please do you have any idea how to get my life started in a new direction and please do you know anything that might make my hand normal, and bring back the revered person I was before the accident. I was proud person before the accident and this accident has taught me a lesson, I promise that form now on I shall never ever be a proud man ever again. Please can you help me!!!!

From Johnny

Observer: Advice Response

Dear Johnny,

I know how you feel. I have had many patients who have told about what has happened of them being crippled. What my advice is stop listening to Mrs. Lapham and find a way to apprentice to another master try paper selling or try becoming a cabin boy on a ship, I hear that life on the sea is fun. Getting a good master will be the beginning of finding your new life trust me. Can I ask you why did you go to the midwife for help? Those midwives don’t know any thing about modern techniques on how to heal wounds. By the symptoms you are telling me I can tell that the thing that is crippling you can be removed. It is not even a costly operation; a tavern owner could do it. If you want it done professionally with no fever or side effects come to me. But just in case here are the steps. First make somebody harness you, you might scream. Next make a deep incision from the top of your to the back of your hand on the are where there should be gap between your palm and thumb. After making the incision quickly put you palm and thumb in two separate poultices. Change the poultice every day. Once you have stopped bleeding take the poultice off. Your now should be now no more crippled, you might have a few problem toning your thumb in working but keep moving it and it will work perfectly. Here is my advice now it is your choice to pick which path you want to take.

From Dr. Warren